Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

 We had such a nice, quiet Memorial Day, just hanging out and being together as a family. We spent the first half of the day out at Berry College: having a picnic, riding bikes, and watching the ducks...

2 peas in a pod:

 Averi Kate was a champ. She just went with the flow all day, either smiling or sleeping the whole time...

One thing we heard a lot that day was, "Hold on, I got something in my shoe."

Looking at the ducks...

After hanging out at Berry and then going out for frozen yogurt, we hopped on over to Cave Spring, where Claire was not too sure about getting in the water...

 Hold on, I've got something in my shoe.

And then we filled up a water bottle with water fresh out of the mountain! (or so we're told...:)


We ended the day by the pool back at home. And Claire slept till 9:00 this morning :) Yep, I'd say that was a great day.

Before and After...

 So, our apartment pool opened last week. We were very excited.



Summer is here!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Are you ready yet?

If you've kept up with our blog at all, you know that Claire is very excited about the fact that Jesus is coming back for His followers one day. Here is our most recent conversation about that...

Claire: So...when is Jesus coming...is He coming on Monday or on Tuesday?
Me: Ummm, I don't know.
Claire: Why?
Me: Only God knows. He's the only one.
Claire: When is He coming?
Me: Ummm, whenever He is ready.
Claire: Oh. I'll ask Daddy. Daddy!!! Daddy, when is Jesus coming? Monday or Tuesday?
Spencer: When He gets ready.
Claire: Is He ready yet?
Spencer: I don't know, God's the only one who knows that.
Claire: Oh. Hey God!!! Are You ready yet???

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

It has just occurred to me that I haven't shared my new business yet on this blog. Shame on me.

I have a new business.

It's called "Photos that Say Something" and it is made up of pictures that I have taken over the years, adding Scripture to them. I offer prints (mostly 8x10 and 11x14) as well as greeting cards. Here are some examples...

I can also do custom orders. If you have a picture that you would like personalized with a Scripture, I can do that; or, if you have a certain occasion or situation that you would like a picture to commemorate, I can work with you to find the "perfect" picture/Scripture/quote/lyrics/etc.

Here are some custom ones that I have done...

Oh, and I have a sale going on right now! How convenient! Through May 31, get 25% off your order by using the code SUMMERSAVINGS at checkout!

Here is the link to my shop!


Just Some Moments

Aaah, there, that's better.

Water Fun

Claire got a new swimsuit. (Thanks Dobby!)

So of course we had to try it out. We headed downtown to the big fountain to play.

Daddy tried to convince Claire to run right through the middle of the BIG fountain with him...

Claire thought about it...

And finally agreed!
There they go!

And then afterward, Claire ate her duck.

Strawberry Pickin'

This child right here...

LOVES to pick strawberries.

This is serious business.

Taylor tried to feed Claire a strawberry. Claire adamantly replied, "No! We have to wash them first!"

As if she hadn't already eaten a dozen of them. Sneaky kid.