Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Love Us Some Hikin'

Well, Gran came to visit us this weekend (Yay!) And of course, when the question arose, "What do you want to do?" the obvious answer was, "Hike! What else would we do???" So we decided to take Gran to Rainbow Falls...

Claire's first reaction was, "Are you kidding me? Another hike???"

But she came around quickly when she remembered how much she loves being outdoors...

Here she is standing in the cool water...

Here are Gran and Claire taking a break. Claire is enjoying some peaches in her fresh food feeder!

Past Rainbow Falls was another place called Turtleback, where there is a huge sliding rock. Spencer couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the plunge!

In other Claire news, she is now feeding herself finger foods at mealtimes.

I think maybe some of it actually makes into her mouth.

And she is pulling to stand on furniture. This child would much rather be standing than sitting. I have a feeling she is just going to take off and run someday soon!

Friday, July 23, 2010


One month before Claire was born, Spencer and I hiked up Mount Pinnacle, a local mountain. We had a great time and took in a beautiful view from the top. I was proud to take my little unborn daughter to the top, but I looked forward to the day when we would be able to take her and let her see the view with her own eyes.

Here we are back in October at the top of Pinnacle...

Well, last weekend we got to take our little girl to the top once again! (Only this time, her Daddy got to carry her instead!)

Claire was a trooper during the seven and a half mile hike. She was a little chatterbox...She talked the whole time, taking in the scenery and enjoying the ride. I think we have ourselves a little hiker on our hands!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun at Gran and Pawpaw's House

We went to Gran and Pawpaw's house for the fourth of July. Claire always has a good time there! Here are a few of the highlights from that trip...

Exploring under the table...Claire is now very mobile, and one of her favorite places to crawl was under the kitchen table.

Playing with Hughly...This is quite possibly the best dog ever. Claire pulled his hair and rolled all over him, and he was so gentle.

Look out! Claire nearly dove off the ottoman to get to the dog! But don't worry, Pawpaw was there to pull her back!

Here Claire really wants to play with Hughly's toy, but he really does not want to give it up!

We also had fun swimming with the triplets...

And taking a bath in Gran's big kitchen sink!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Giggle Box

Wanna hear one of the sweetest sounds in the world?

Notice Claire's reaction at the beginning of this video when she falls down...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby in a Buggy

Here's another "catching-up" installment...When we went to Spencer's hometown for the 4th of July (which will be yet another blog post), we knew we couldn't leave GranKay's house without Claire being put in some kind of container. Mrs. Kay has a reputation for putting children in boxes, wagons, baskets, etc. :) Well, this time it was a very old, one-wheel-missing buggy...and it made for some very cute pictures...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Porch Swingin'

Hurray for having our computer back!!! Now I can spend the next week catching up on all the pictures I have yet to post on this blog! We have so much to share...Where do I start? Oh, how about the most precious scene ever???

Claire loves swinging on the back porch with her daddy. Here she is enjoying some pickin' and grinnin'...

After I snapped a few pictures, I went inside to finish cooking...but a few minutes later, I heard Spencer through the screen door..."Jana, get out here!" I heard the unspoken words ("Grab your camera before you come" :) and went outside to find...



Gone :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010