Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What have we been up to?

 On Mother's Day weekend we went to Nan and Popple's house...but the biggest news of the weekend was...WE GOT TO SEE JUSTICE!!!!!

Playing a little tennis...(and there is Gigi with her little baby Kaylee in her tummy!!!)

Happy happy cousins.

Uncle Bo playing with Justice.

Bo and Coach got to play a little tennis as well...

In other news, Owen looks a little scared in this picture. I can't imagine why.

And here are some of the "serious faces of Owen"...

(Tags are his favorite).

We've been enjoying our bikes lately.

Claire is getting more and more confident on her big girl bike...

But still enjoys her balance bike when Spencer or I aren't out there to spot her on her big one.

Watermelon is pretty awesome at this time of year...

The girls love "cooking"...

O-BO! I have pics of the girls at about the same age in this little play center that I need to dig up and compare...

This sweet girl is getting so big, I can hardly stand it.

Table dancing.

Lovin' on these littles...

 And that's about it!

Six-ish Months Old

This kid right here recently turned 6 MONTHS OLD!

Owen, you are my chill, happy, sweet-spirited baby.

You are sitting up now and starting to lift yourself up onto all fours. (Please don't start crawling yet. I am just not ready.)

You have started to eat some solid food and especially love butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and pears. And dirt, apparently.

(That's my boy.)

You have your serious moments when you remind me of a little old man and I wonder what is going on in your head. You appear to be meditating on life already.

But you are so quick to smile, and you greet me every morning with pure sunshine.

You are a perfect fit in our family. Your sisters adore you and you seem to feel the same way about them, even when AK gives you a strangulating hug.

I want you to know that last night I held you just a little bit longer before I laid you in your crib. I savored the feel of your little head on my shoulder and rocked you for a few extra moments. You are growing fast, but I want you to know, O-bo, that I am enjoying every minute with you.

Monday, May 11, 2015

 Crazy kids on Easter...

Strawberry pickin' with friends...

Match, Anna, Claire, AK, and Junia

Claire has been taking tennis lessons and is doing so great...

She even got to rally with the mayor!

 Claire's end of the year Classical Conversations program...

Complete with an ice cream party!

Getting ready for a soccer game!

AK, my little helper. "There's something sticky on the couch, Mommy, but don't worry, I'm norwexin' it."