Friday, January 1, 2016

Ten in Twenty-Fifteen

It's time for our year in review!!! In no particular order, here are ten of the most amazingly interesting and memorable things that have happened this year...

1. We went on our first two camping trips as a family of five. It was a tiny bit insane and a lot of fun, and since we survived I think we'll do it again.

2. We sold our house. Why? Ask us in a year or 10 or 50, because we don't really know yet.

3. AK made up an epic song about Owen and pickles.

4. I discovered Norwex, which is the mac daddy. Clean everything in my house with just water and a magical rag? Why yes, I think I will.
5. Claire became coordinated. Basketball, soccer, tennis, bike riding, roller blading...she is a boss.

6. We saw this llama.

7. Baby Kaylee was born. She's neat.

8. We found out that Owen is funny. He does things like put his food on top of his head when he's done eating. I'm so glad because funny kids are my favorite.

9. We were sick a lot. That makes the list because it's so unusual, and I'm hoping it was an anomaly. Owen was in the hospital, AK broke her collarbone, we had to pull out the breathing treatments again for Claire...It did make me thankful for our general health and also humbled to know that our health is not totally dependent on my essential oils and homemade bone broth after all.

10. We got a new old kitchen table. NO MORE GLASS TOP.  I now officially love my life.

Happy New Year! Here's to an awesome 2016!