Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beautiful Everydays.



Well, at 8 months old, Owen is...let's see...waving bye-bye, saying bye-bye and ma-ma and sometimes da-da, sitting, crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST, and oh yeah, also pulling up on furniture already. He is a little guy, less than the 10th percentile compared to other boys his age, but exactly average for his weight to height ratio. He is still happy and easy going. He loves food, but let's be honest, what child of mine doesn't? His faves are sweet potatoes, mashed peas, bananas, and really anything I give long as it's not baby food from the jar. He has tasted the "real thing" and he will not look back.

Also, I finally had a kid that looks like me! Here is a picture of me when I was a baby, being held by my grandpa, next to a recent pic of Owen...


I love reading to AK because when I finish a page, I look down at her and wait for "the change" to come over her face. Sometimes it's immediate and sometimes it takes a minute, but as soon as she is through processing the words of the story and the pictures on the page, she will smile, and then I will know that it's okay to turn the page.

This kid loves songs, especially old "Sunday School songs". She will go into her room for long periods of time by herself and just listen to her cd's. A lady at our church told me that when she was teaching AK's class one day, she overheard her in the corner singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot."

AK takes some artistic freedom when singing. She most often replaces random lyrics with "baby" (to carry on with the previous example: "Swing low, sweet baby, coming for to carry me baby..."), although she has also been known to use "booty" for a lyrical twist when we are in the van (The van is the only place she is allowed to say booty, and believe me, she gets it out every time we ride. The door closes, I get in the driver's seat, and AK says, "MOM! Can I say booty now????")

She likes to throw in a couple or dozen "really's" when she can't think fast enough to get her words out. "Mom, before you got out here, Owen really really really...really. Really? Really really really...dropped his toy on the concreke. But I picked it up."

The other day she said, "Mama, I love you even when you put me in time-out."


Claire is super interested in learning to play a stringed instrument and will often sit on the floor strumming on a mandolin or guitar while Spencer and I are practicing some song. (This actually makes it kind of tricky for us to actually sing on key, but what can you do when your five year old is trying to "practice" with you?)

She loves to dance and was looking forward to starting back dance lessons in the fall. However, a schedule conflict arose that made it impossible for her to take both tennis (which she loves) and dance at the same time. I was really worried about this because I didn't want her to be disappointed. Spencer and I decided to just tell her what was going on even though we hadn't decided the best solution yet. This morning at breakfast I explained the conflict to her, gently telling her that we would have to choose between dance and tennis. She shrugged her shoulder and said nonchalantly, "Oh. It's fine. I'll just do tennis." "Really?" I said, shocked at how well she was taking the news. "Yeah," she replied. "I already know all my dance moves anyway."

Claire made a friend at the gym where I teach classes, and she and her friend decided to start a club called "Team Girls." "Oh, what does your club do?" I asked. She replied: "Well, we exercise every morning and don't eat anything except fruit and vegetables." Last night she sat down at the table with Spencer and had him write out her exercise schedule, which she made up.


Tonight Averi Kate fell and scraped her knees.
AK: Claire, look at my boo-boo!
Claire: Oh wow, that's pretty bad. I think I had one like that one time...but mine was a lot bigger.


Averi Kate picked out her bow(s) this day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1. "I've got really thinking to do."

2. "Have you had a word"

3. by Claire Shugart

4. Ox dance (oxideedooo)

5. Manifesto

6. Theology

7. We've got ourselves a crawler!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Owen and the Roach.

In not-my-proudest Mom moment, my son ate a roach yesterday.

In slow motion I realized what was happening, and proceeded to yell "Oh! Oh!" while scooping up my 8 month old, holding him at arm's length, putting him down again, grabbing a kitchen towel, and trying to do a clean sweep of his mouth with the towel because goodness knows I wasn't sticking my finger in his mouth for that one. I recovered about one leg and part of the thorax (is that a thing?)

As I was sweeping out screaming Owen's mouth with a towel and intermittently yelling myself, Claire in her 40 year old spirit said calmly, "Mom, it's okay. God made roaches."

Over the next two hours I kept repeating, "I can't believe that happened. I'm going to throw up." Finally Claire offered her own perspective. "Mom, it's not as bad as if he ate a marble and stuck a bead up his nose."

She was right.

Finally I said, "It's okay. I mean, people in other countries eat roaches, right?"

"Yeah," Claire agreed. "People who don't have any other food eat roaches."

Averi Kate chimed in. "Yeah, they eat 'em and then they kill 'em!"

As I was finally beginning to recover (Owen had long since recovered - he was fine as soon as I stopped wiping out his mouth with the kitchen towel), toward the end of supper, Averi Kate spoke up one more time.

"Hey Mom, I think Owen wants some more roach."

The end.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


C: Daddy has to order something for the van and then fix it. Do you know what Daddy has to do?
Me: Um...order something for the van and then fix it?
C: Yes.


(The girls were supposed to be cleaning up the kitchen after a "cooking experiment." Claire was wiping down the floors when AK ran through the kitchen, slipped, and fell flat on her back.)

AK (through tears): That's why we shouldn't clean the kitchen!


3:00 AM. I hear footsteps coming into my room.
C: Can you come turn my music on? I was too tired to get up and push the play button.


C: Averi Kate! Stop licking my plate!
AK: I'm not licking it. I'm just moving it. With my tongue.


AK: I want, like 3 scoops of ice cream.
C: If you ate that much, you would be as full as a bug that ate 70 sandwiches!
AK: Yeah. I want to be that full.


AK: Mom!!!!
Me: What?!
AK: When Owen grows up, his name is gonna be Owen.