Saturday, December 23, 2017

Proof that Owen is a boy.

Owen (riding in the van): When I get home, I want to tee-tee on a tire.


Owen (with much excitement): Hey Mom!!!
Me: What is it, buddy?!?
Owen: I have two armpits!!!


Owen, upon seeing a neighborhood boy with his hair pulled back in a little pony-tail: That boy is funny. He has meatball hair.


Owen (with about two bites of his sandwich left on his plate): Hey Mom? I'm 'bout to be still hungry.


Once upon another time, the kids went out to Marshallville and picked pecans.

When I say pecans, I mostly mean 12 BAGS of pecans.

Papa came over to help shell the 12 BAGS OF PECANS.

When all was said and done, Owen got lots of big Papa hugs, and I got a floor full of pecan shells.

And life was good.

The end.

Merry Thanksgiving

Once upon another time, we went to Milledgeville for a crazy Thanksgiving weekend full of 14 people in one house.

There was definitely football involved.

And perhaps an apology or two.

Then more football.

This beautiful family right here is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

(plus Spencer, who missed the picture because he was riding bikes.)

I couldn't be prouder of this beauty...

Owen and his Popple...

Poor McLeods. Savannah and Kaylee were pretty much sick most of the time we were there, and I know Jen and Bean didn't get any sleep. But it was still so good to see everybody, and Savannah did smile at least once...

This girl warms my heart...

Decorating Nan's tree...

Gigi and her Kaylee...

The trophy that was as big as a child.

Once upon a time on November 11, I ran a half-marathon in Perry.

Also, I won for the females.

Gun Time 01:41:20
Overall Finish 8 / 161
Gender Finish 1 / 100
Age Group Finish 1st Overall
Average Pace 7:44/mile

Also, I got a huge trophy.

When we got home, we decided that the trophy was big enough to be part of our family. So it ate lunch with us.

AK and Claire fed it since it doesn't technically have any arms.

It helped Claire fold clothes.

It watched "Beauty and the Beast."

It played soccer with Owen.

It shared AK's blanket.

It pushed Owen on the swing.

It joined in a family workout.

Now it sits in the hallway where everyone stubs their toes on it.

The end.