Saturday, May 28, 2016

The gymnast

 Averi Kate had a gymnastics recital.

She was the cutest thing EVER.

Nan and Popple gave her a necklace!

We are so proud of you AK! You are a special, special girl! We love you!


Everydays are my favorite days.

Like days when you drink the juice out of a watermelon.

Or days when you make cookies for Daddy all by yourself.

Or days when you set your little table and make vegetable soup all by yourself (including the peeling and chopping!) and then serve it to your little sister and brother.

Or days when you play with playdough on the kitchen table.

Or days when you tackle Daddy on the couch.

Or days when you help Daddy work on your new treehouse/sandbox.

Those are some of my favorite kind of days.

Strawberry pickin'

Dobby took us strawberry pickin' at Lanes!

It was impossible to keep Owen from eating 80% of the strawberries he picked. Sometimes he would take a bite and then throw the strawberry in his bucket. He didn't really get the concept.

If you can't eat 'em, throw 'em!


Dobby and Claire sitting in the "grandma chairs"...

This is Owen's favorite way to slide!