Thursday, December 4, 2014

Deer Meat and Quotables

Pawpaw gave us a deer! Spencer decided to process it himself to save money, and the girls were big helpers...

Averi Kate's big observation of the night: "That deer can't talk because he does not have a face!"


The other day, I had a surreal conversation with Averi Kate that did wonders for my self-esteem...

AK: I want you to take that tummy off and put the other one on.
Me: You mean the big one? With the baby inside?
AK: Yeah. This one is kind of mushy.


Claire (the first time she saw Owen without a diaper on): Wow. That's a different kind of a baby.


 Before we get started, let me just make it known that Claire was a robot for Thanksgiving.

And this is what AK thought about it.

 Now, onto the hike...


(Almost) 4 Weeks with Owen


Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

Owen is the perfect addition to our family. He has a great "third child" personality - easy-going, laid back, chill, go-with-the-flow. He sleeps a lot and enjoys observing and taking in the chaos when he is awake. He really only fusses when he is hungry or sleepy, and the only time he really outright cries is when his tummy is bothering him.

He is awesome!

Here he is getting ready to go to our church's Thanksgiving Dinner when he was 10 days old...

This is mostly what he does...

And sometimes this...

Hanging out with Daddy...

Owen's first Thanksgiving - and our first picture as a family of five...


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Three of a Kind

3 Things About Averi Kate

1. She made up her own contraction for "will not." Instead of saying "won't" she says "wiln't". AK, don't drop your water! "I wiln't." AK, don't fall off the porch! "I wiln't."

2. Her favorite phrase right now is "big fat." "Can I have a muffin? A big fat one?" or... "That's my big fat Daddy."

3. The other day she thought she had to go potty. She sat for a minute and then shook her head and said, "Nope. My poop's asleep."

We love you, our sweet funny girl!

Coming Home

Owen meeting his sisters for the first time...

These girls are smitten! They love their brother. They talk to him, cover him up, hold him, give him toys...He has all the love he can probably stand right now!

Our little man after his first bath...