Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tablet Catch-up

Well, now that we are catching up to the world of technology and we officially have a tablet (though it doesn't have 4G - that would be too much, too soon), I realize that I have pictures not on my camera that are in danger of never making it onto this blog. So here are some pictures from random times over the last few months...

Coach and the girls enjoying some quality time mud-bogging.

AK loving on Owen.

Claire working her magic, getting her little brother to sleep while she watches a movie.

My sweet little flock.

Daddy jumping on the trampoline with the girls. While playing his guitar.

AK: "Look at me, Mommy! I'm just like Popple because I have a pen in my pocket!"

And this. This is why I love staying at home with my kids. Out for a jog/bike ride, and they found this cardboard box on the side of the road. For at least 20 minutes, they tried to rig up a way to haul the box back to our house on the back of Averi Kate's tricycle. (Which, incidentally, gave me 20 great minutes to jog up and down the street pushing Owen in the stroller. Hello, real life fitness.)

They tried several different methods, including Claire riding her bike back to the house to get some tape, but none of their efforts succeeded.

Finally, this.

Claire's plan: "AK, you carry it back to the house."

A little 4-wheeler action in the backyard.

Claire getting her workout on in the garage.

And the ten rolls of toilet paper I found in my closet when I was doing some spring cleaning.

(AK has some hoarder tendancies, apparently.)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Three of my Faves

Ever since she was an infant, AK has sucked her thumb when she is tired. We are trying to work with her to break the habit, but it is so hard! Today, though, when I was driving, I noticed that AK was in the backseat talking to herself. So I turned down the radio to listen, and I heard her saying, "I'm a big girl, so I wiln't suck my thumb. But I am very tired."

Claire and AK have been playing "wedding" nonstop lately. The other day I heard AK say, "Cuh-laire, let's play wedding. I'm Coach and you're Jana."

Claire had an ulcer on her tongue the other day. To inform me of this, she walked right up to me and said, "Mom, I'm in a great deal of pain."

Owen just takes it all in. He's starting to get a little mobile now that he can roll over, and today I caught him literally "swimming" across the floor by lying on his tummy, kicking his legs, and kind of moving like an inchworm across his blanket.

Who, me?


These are three of my favorite people on earth.