Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Things I Have Heard Recently

Some things I have heard recently out of Claire's mouth...

"I am making so many presents for Nan and Popple. I'll probably be making presents till the cows come home."

(Discussing where Daddy might be...) "He's probably taking a hugantis nap."

(Riding in the truck, so that Claire was in the backseat and could not see AK who was in the front seat...)
C: Mom, is Averi Kate asleep?
Me: No.
C: But she's not talking.
Me: Claire, there are some people in the world who don't talk every single moment they are awake.

Some things I have heard recently out of Averi Kate's mouth...

(Getting out of the van at the park...)
Me: Averi Kate, let's walk on the grass instead of in the parking lot.
AK: Oh. Did Jesus say to walk on the grass?

As AK was playing with her letter factory magnets, she looked at me and said, "Letters don't scare me yet." And then tonight she looked at the ketchup bottle on the table and said, "Is that scary ketchup?"

(I don't think it was scary ketchup...)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Funny Girls

One evening while I was out, Spencer taught the girls how to slide down the stairs on the crib mattress. The next day I heard a noise coming from upstairs, and when I looked I found AK sliding down the stairs headfirst, with no mattress this time. So, thanks Coach.


AK: Whatcha doin' Mommy?
Me: Driving.
AK: Whatcha thinkin' about?

(And it has already begun.)


Claire's big plans for tomorrow: "I think I'm going to draw a face with teeth."


AK: Where's Daddy?
Me: I think he's moving the carseats.
AK: Oh. The ever ever ever carseats?


The girls have been taking swim lessons the past few weeks. They are doing great and learning so much, so fast. However, AK was not too fond of going the first couple of weeks. The other day I couldn't be there so Dobby took them, and I was asking Claire how it went...

Me: Did AK cry the whole time at swim lessons?
C: No, not the whole time. Not while she was under the water.

Well. That's reassuring.


C: Did you try my tea? It is greatly good.


Claire and I went to see a local middle school's production of "Beauty and the Beast" last month. Our friend Anna Claire starred (and did a great job) as Belle!

Ever since then, Claire's life is now a musical. Instead of just narrating her whole life like she has always done, she now narrates it in song.


We have a giant puzzle of the United States, and we have lost Kentucky. Averi Kate was helping to look for the missing piece...

AK: "Where are you Miss Tucky?????"


(Girls fighting over the grocery cart)
Me: Averi Kate, Claire was already playing with that. Can you get your stroller?
AK: I can't find my stroller anywhere.
Me: Did you look in the playroom?
AK: No...


Claire and I have gotten into Junior Illustrated Classics chapter books recently. So far we have read The Secret Garden, Beauty and the Beast, and we are almost done with Anne of Green Gables. My heart is so full!!!


About to sweep the kitchen floor, I announced, "If there is anything on the floor that you don't want to be thrown away, pick it up now because I'm about to sweep." In my head, I was referring to the princess necklace, the crayon, etc., that were strewn all over the floor. In reality, my kids started diving for crumbs of food and eating them right off the floor.


These girls crack me up!!!