Saturday, January 13, 2018

The minivans in the mountains.

The week between Christmas and New Year's, we had the chance to head up to North GA with some college friends - Scotty and Jadison - and their 3 boys to spend a few days in the mountains.

Now, the history here is that Scotty is one of the "Grand-Canyon-Go-Big-Or-Go-Home" buddies that Spencer had in college. Many old (and previously unknown to me) shared adventures were the topic of reminiscing conversations on this trip. And this picture right here pretty much sums up how life has changed and yet remained the same since those college days...

We spent time at Rock City, where I almost went into cardiac arrest multiple times as AK scrambled to the top of very large rocks in the blink of an eye over and over again.

We also spent time hiking at Cloudland Canyon, and before coming home we made our way to Lookout Mountain.

We were so grateful for this sweet time with old friends!

Epilogue: Other Christmas-y activities.

 "The Gingerbread House"

"Christmas Treats"

Christmas Part 3: The time my camera broke.

Our last Christmas was spent over New Year's weekend at Nan and Popple's house. My camera had stopped working the week before, and so this time I am relying on Jen's phone for the visual memories.

Claire and Savannah...

"Christmas" morning...

Jeni got Popple the most awesome calendar, made up of pictures of his infamous "straw paper people" that he makes with the paper from his straws at every single restaurant.


In perhaps the best present of all, Jared gave me my own book for Christmas, credited and autographed by himself.

Justice and Kaylee

Sweet sweet Nan and her baby Savannah.

Popple and O-bo.

All these children are not even aware yet of their incredible heritage, but one day they will be so thankful for this man's faithfulness. "The lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children's children..." Ps 103:17

Christmas Part 2: The time I had my camera because we were at home and I didn't have to remember to bring it anywhere.

Christmas morning!!! We woke up at our house, opened presents and played for while, then headed to the nursing home to visit and sing Christmas carols to residents, before heading over to Dobby's for lunch!

Christmas Part 1: The time I forgot my camera.

Christmas Eve we spent at Dobby's house with lots and lots of people. I forgot my camera, so I am relying on the beautiful people with the smart phones to remember.

AK got her favorite gift of the year: a giant caterpillar which she promptly named "Wormie," before she realized that worms don't actually have legs.

(Thanks Aunt Marie.)

AK and Sophie

Playing Dirty Santa - Spencer got a garden frog. So, at least there's that.

Owen loves to help in the kitchen.

  Feeding the masses...

An entirely overwhelming amount of presents.

Claire and Erin

AK, or "MJ" as Aunt Mona calls her, with Uncle Scott and Aunt Mona and one of the numerous dogs running around the gathering.

Claire, Erin, Anna, and Lala...


All of the cousins that were there. I think.