Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Backyard Fun

The kids built a "playground" for the chickens.

AK has gotten really good at climbing this rope.

Owen loves drawing circles.

A couple of conversations I had recently...

C: Has my attitude been better since this morning?
Me: Yes, it has. I'm so proud of you.
C: I've been trying really hard.
Me: It's so hard to change your attitude. It's one of the hardest things on earth.
C: No mom. One of the hardest things on earth is to jump off a house and not die.


AK: I'm going to be so hungry when I wake up in the morning.
Me: I know. I'm always hungry when I wake up.
AK: No, I mean really hungry. Can you make me breakfast first thing when you get up? And then if it gets cold just heat it back up if I'm not up yet? And then just heat it up again and again and again until I get up?


O: Mamaaaa!!!
Me: What bud?
O: Oh, never mind.

(30 seconds later)

O: Mama?
Me: What bud?
O: What does "never mind" mean?


And finally, I love these pictures I caught of Spencer and AK before bedtime.

A Big Weekend for Claire

Claire had a big weekend! This is what Saturday looked like...

First up: dress rehearsal for her dance recital!

They did a production of "Under the Sea" based on the Little Mermaid...

Claire was so excited, and she looked beautiful!

She has loved taking dance this year!

Then we rushed out of dress rehearsal, and Claire had to change in the van on the way to...

Her softball game!

Yet another thing she has enjoyed so much recently!

This is her first year playing softball of any kind, and she has really taken off with it.

AK and Owen are wonderful fans, as long as they have boiled peanuts!

Back to the game...

What an awesome first base coach!

Back to Owen eating a "daddy carrot"...

Claire fielding a ball and making an out at second!

I'm telling you, that first base coach is hot.

Running for third...

First base is her favorite position in the field...

These sweet sweet children standing conspicuously in front of the snack bag after the game, hoping someone will notice and offer them a team snack too...

Then it was on to the performance of the night!

We all enjoyed the recital and especially our favorite little dancer!

AK might have been over it by this point!