Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacation the First: Fourth of July and Braves Game

Our week of vacation started with a day at the lake for the 4th of July. We celebrated with a family from Nan and Popple's church. I grew up going to their house at the lake and it was fun to see my kiddos enjoying the same thing...

My kids really like corn.

Popple, Nan, and Gigi were all there to enjoy the day.

Riding with my sis on the boat...

While Spencer water-skied for the first time in ten years...

Claire and Gigi!

Popple's famous photo-bomb skills have never been matched.

Playing with water balloons on the dock.

AK and Gigi!

After a fun Fourth of July, we went to our first Atlanta Braves game as a family. A friend had given Spencer 4 FRONT ROW tickets to the game - too good to pass up! We literally sat 3 feet away from the Braves dugout!

It's hard to see but this is AK's face up on the big screen!

These next pictures were taken by a fan who was sitting behind us, and he was so kind to email them to us after the game.

Claire actually got two balls handed to her - one from the Braves pitcher that day, and the other from Terry Pendleton!

She also got a little facetime on the big screen!

We had so much fun. The game was so different from up close! And that was a great start to our vacation!