Thursday, January 15, 2015

Owen at 2 Months

Owen...aka Truck...aka two months...

weighs 12 pounds.

puts up with a lot from his sisters but sometimes just can't take it anymore.

 is turning into the smiley-est little thing.

 sometimes looks like a wise little old man.

and can still sleep with the best of them.

Better Late than Never

(And better out of order than not at all.)

Christmas in Mill-ville...

...was full of bike riding fun.

It was full of pictures on the porch...

...lots of cuddles...

...silly daddies...

...surprises for everyone...

...and Nativity crashing.

Things I Have Heard Recently. And One Thing I Have Seen.

 Spencer: Do you need help with that?
AK: No, Claire's mom already helped me.


Averi Kate, in the land of miscellaneous make-believe...
  • "Her baby brother is a girl."
  • "I'm going to work, babe!"
  • "You stay here, Hoop-ty Doo." (talking to a plastic Scooby Doo figurine)

Claire (referring to Owen after he had a major blowout): "He's a Poopivore!"


Claire: (Blows kiss) I love you Averi Kate. I love you so much. (Blows another kiss)
AK: Okay.


I was feeling reflective and sentimental tonight as I sat on the couch feeding Owen. I began to pray as I stroked his little fingers that were curled around my finger. "Lord, I pray that these little fingers will play instruments for Your glory..." My thoughts turned to AK, who was sitting on the couch next to me, and I began to pray..."And Lord, please help Averi Kate..." And as these words were forming in my heart, I turned my head to look at her...and I saw my second born child, watching Curious George, with her toe stuck in her mouth. I couldn't even finish my prayer. But I could laugh. And I'm pretty sure God was laughing too.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting Married, Basketball, and a Morning Prayer

Spencer and I were in separate cars at Claire's basketball game the other night. We got the kids buckled in the van and then we told each other goodbye and kissed before we each left. When I got back in the van, the girls were giggling uncontrollably.
Me: What's so funny?
AK: (still laughing) We saw yall getting married in the parking lot!


We don't have a basketball goal at our house currently. Spencer was not content with this, so he used a broken goal that a coworker gave him and rigged up a little something in the driveway...

Star defensive player...

And star offensive player, too!

Averi Kate may not be able to make a basket yet, but she can run with her hands behind her back!


Me: Let's pray. Father, thank you for our food and for a brand new day. Please help us today to...AK, what should we ask God for today? To help us love one another?
AK: Yeah. And we can ask for a train track, too.