Monday, December 28, 2015

The McLeods

 I had so much fun taking pictures of Baby Kaylee, Bean, Gigi, and Venus when we were home at Thanksgiving!

Sweet Baby Kaylee

 So. Let's talk about this. My baby sister had a baby. That is so crazy to me. Until November 4, Jen was still so little to me. Yes, I realize she is a married post-college graduate but still, she's only six years old. At least she was. Until this happened.

And all of a sudden she was a grown up, amazingly strong and courageous warrior of a woman.

She fought through feeling every ounce of the last hour of labor, transition, pushing, and delivery after her epidural wore off at the worst time possible.

And then there was Kaylee.

And everything was worth it.

Jeni, I am so proud of you. You are an awesome mother. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of Kaylee's entrance into the world. It ranks in my top five experiences I have had in life, and since I had a pretty great wedding and then three kids of my own, well, that's a pretty good ranking. You are my favorite little sister and I love you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Long November

Oh November. You are usually my favorite month of the year. You usually feel like fall, like reflection, like rest and family and deep breaths. But this year you felt like...stomach viruses and hospital stays and broken bones and tired and tired. And tired.

Claire teaching AK to read on the couch. AK - my child who leaps off the top level of bleachers and comes out unscathed - broke her collarbone when she fell out of her bed one night. Her toddler bed. Life is so weird.

Owen spent 3 days in the hospital for RSV and pneumonia. "Let me out of here!!!"

But, in the middle of the tired, there were some incredible blessings. One was the birth of my precious niece, Kaylee Alesa. I'll do another post for that one. Another was the chance to go to Popple and Nan's house for Thanksgiving...

There were lots of rollerblading and biking going on...

Lots of enjoying Baby Kaylee...

And lots of snuggles...

And of course, if I remember to take the time to look for it, there is always joy in the small moments. Even in the middle of a tired, tired November.


AK: Claire!
C: What?
AK: I love you.
C: Okay.


C: That is hu-gantic.


C: Can I have a salad for my treat tonight?


Me: AK, which puzzle are you doing?
AK: The one that's the hardest one ever.


Claire has pretty much stopped walking. She now wears her rollerblades all day every day, inside and out.

Me: Claire! Are you okay???
C: Yeah. It didn't hurt. (pause) Except in my normal places.


AK: Ouch, my finger!
Me: Oh! Are you okay?
AK No! It's like heartburn!


The day Owen got home from the hospital, he started walking and never looked back.

Whenever the front door opens, he runs out and goes straight for his car.


The other day I found Owen by himself in Claire and AK's room singing into the karaoke microphone. The speaker was on and he was really enjoying himself.


Here's to a happy, healthy December!