Sunday, September 20, 2015


Spencer took a day off work last week and we headed out for a fun day at Chehaw State Park!

There were lots of fun things to do, including an awesome playground.

Owen climbed through the tunnel!

Dobby found her inner child on the swingset.

Claire climbed over a wall.

Averi Kate hung on the bar!

Claire touched a snake.

Averi Kate did not.

But she did pet and feed the farm animals!

Owen really liked this funny looking llama.

We saw bears...

And climbed in a giant thing.

Yay for Daddy-taking-off-work-days!

Things about which I'm not sure how to feel.

I recently heard this from AK when they were playing in the other room:

"I want to go to her house!" said the boy who wanted to kill her.


Me: AK, why did you put a compass in your mouth?
AK: Because I wanted to see what time it was.


11:00 AM
Me: Okay, yall go get in the van and buckle up. I'm going to brush my teeth  and I'll be right there.
C: Mom, it's kind of an awkward time to brush your teeth.


We were reading through Ruth in our Bible time, and I was trying to explain the different customs that are described in that book.
Me: This was a long time ago, and in biblical times, things were done differently...
C: Yeah, that was way back in the '50s, right?


C: Will you get the dress-up stuff out?
Me: Sure. Let me finish chopping these vegetables real quick. You guys pick up 20 things in the living room and I'll finish here and then I'll get the dress ups.
C: Oh. No, it's okay. It's not that important.


Claire, after a long, hard day of homeschooling: "MOM!!! I know how to spell poop! P-O-O-P!!!"

A Few Latelies.

1. We went to Noah's Ark zoo with Gigi! We are all very excited that baby Kaylee will be here in just over a month! I didn't get any pictures of the animals this time but here are some of the kiddos on the playground...

2. Spencer's cousin Sonja got married! Spencer and I did the music in the wedding. And most importantly, we were all actually dressed up for once, so here is a very rare family picture of us NOT in running or hiking clothes!

Dobby and her boys...

Travis and Kelley!

3. We went to the park and tried to catch a tadpole, which actually turned out to be a minnow!

Claire was so proud of her tadpole-minnow.

Then we played!

A playground standard game: "Ice-Cream Shop"

Rolling down the hill with some other kid.