Saturday, March 22, 2014

AK's Birthday Wrap-up

Shew, I'm a little late in getting this up. But better late than never. Here are some pictures from our celebration of Averi Kate's second birthday!

The first batch: The weekend before AK's birthday, Nan, Popple, Gigi, and Becca met us at the park to celebrate. Unfortunately, Daddy was at home with a nasty stomach bug. But the rest of us had a good time!


Silly Popple.

AK got a scooter!

We are so thankful for Jeni's college roommate, Becca. She is like part of our family!

This was funny. AK opened her present from Gigi and I said, "Give Gigi a hug!" AK turned around and hugged the first pair of legs she found, which happened to belong to Popple!

This is much easier.

We love Popple and Nan!

Claire could swing for hours!

My free-spirited barefoot child.


Did I mention Claire could swing for hours?

And the second batch is from AK's actual birthday. Dobby came over to hang out that afternoon...

Daddy brought fun necklaces for everyone when he got home from work!

Time for cupcakes!

And presents!

A tennis racket!

And a new bed!