Saturday, November 15, 2014

Three of a Kind

3 Things About Averi Kate

1. She made up her own contraction for "will not." Instead of saying "won't" she says "wiln't". AK, don't drop your water! "I wiln't." AK, don't fall off the porch! "I wiln't."

2. Her favorite phrase right now is "big fat." "Can I have a muffin? A big fat one?" or... "That's my big fat Daddy."

3. The other day she thought she had to go potty. She sat for a minute and then shook her head and said, "Nope. My poop's asleep."

We love you, our sweet funny girl!

Coming Home

Owen meeting his sisters for the first time...

These girls are smitten! They love their brother. They talk to him, cover him up, hold him, give him toys...He has all the love he can probably stand right now!

Our little man after his first bath...

Happy Birthday Owen!

Our sweet Owen has arrived at last! He was considerate enough to wait until after Claire's birthday, and came on November 8 at 10:22 PM. He was a chunkster, weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces.

We are so in love.

Labor was long and hard. I had false labor for 3 weeks before he was born, and then woke up in labor on November 8. It lasted all day. I labored at home until about 5:00 PM, and then headed to the hospital. Though I had planned on going all natural as I did with the girls, the labor was so difficult and I was so anxious that I decided to get an epidural (after I blacked out during a contraction!) After the epidural, everything was wonderful and he was born not long after.

Unfortunately, I developed a leak of spinal fluid which led to an unbearable spinal headache. I was unable to lift my head for a couple of days. However, the Lord was so faithful and as I was headed back to the hospital on Wednesday morning to have a blood patch to fix the leak, the Lord healed it instead. The headache went away, never to be seen again!

We love you Owen, and we are so so glad you are here in our arms!

Happy Birthday Claire!

Sweet Claire turned five years old on November 7!

We had friends over for cake and such...

Gigi stayed after everyone else left and ate lunch with us...

And a good time was had by all! Happy birthday, Claire!