Sunday, October 23, 2016

A couple of differences between these girls.

Two things have happened recently that really demonstrate the differences between my two sweet girls.

First, when we went on our camping trip earlier in the month, I took the kids to the library to pick out some movies to watch on the 6 hour road trip. Each girl got to pick out 2 movies. Claire chose "Disney's Robin Hood" and "Anne of Green Gables." AK chose a documentary on the Georgia Aquarium and "The Wiggles."

Second, even though we technically picked out Halloween costumes months ago at the consignment sale, the girls have been rethinking their choices and have decided what they really want to be for Halloween. Claire wants to be Sarah Wheaton from "Sarah, Plain and Tall." Averi Kate wants to be a banana.

I can't get over these girls! I am crazy about them!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Field Trips

 We took 2 fun field trips this week. The first was to the Rock Ranch for some fun learning about pilgrims and pioneers. Here a pioneer woman talked to the kids about life in a single room cabin, then took us through a cabin to see what it was like.

This man was so funny and told the kids all about life on the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon train. Claire loved this part because she loves a book about a little girl who was a part of the journey on the Oregon Trail.

Owen was still hanging in there at this point.

The best part of all was that the kids got to play in "Tiny Town", which is the best invention EVER for people under 4 feet tall.

Then it was time for more learning. We learned about earthworms and how they help the soil. The girls both held one in their hands!

This sweet lady taught us about the first Thanksgiving and then shared some cornbread with us!

Then it was on to learning how to grind corn into cornmeal the old-fashioned way.

The last station we went to was to learn about Native Americans. Claire said this was one of her favorite parts.

AK did not.

We had a great time at the Rock Ranch with our friends!

Then on Friday we went on another field trip, this time with our CC group to Lanes!

After learning about the many (and often disturbing) uses of corn (which is apparently silently taking over the world), we enjoyed a hayride...

AK and her sweet friend Anna

I truly don't think Owen was intentionally flipping off Mrs. Erinn in this photo. But I might have to talk to him about it, just in case.

We also did a corn maze, where Claire found some corn that she decided she would grind into cornmeal herself.

Playing on the tractors...

And a perfect ending to the day... Ice cream!!!

The Fair!

 Well, this year's fair was for the bird.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. It was so much fun to watch Dobby, Claire, and AK play with the exotic birds...

One bird really liked Claire's hair!

I think Claire has four birds on her in this one - 2 on her head and 2 in her hand. Feels more like a weird nightmare to me, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

All the kids had fun on the rides this year. Claire and AK were able to ride some by themselves...

And Owen joined them on the train...

But mostly he sat in the stroller!

We had a good time, saw some good shows (like the I-Flip trampoline show!), cheered for the kids riding the sheep in the "mutton-bustin" competition, saw some cool animals, ate some *good* food, stayed for 8 hours, and came home exhausted. We love the fair!

Friday, October 21, 2016

October Camping

Well, our October camping trip has come and gone. It was wonderful.

The cousins have been looking forward to this for a long time.

Uncle Bo, Aunt Bonnie, Justice, and the Shug kids...

SMILE, Justice!!!

Uncle Bo giving us very serious instructions before our ride around "the Loop" in the back of the truck...

While Uncle Bo and the Coach were hiking one day, Aunt Bonnie and I took the kids to the local museum.

They did a scavenger hunt to find out information about the early settlers in the Tennessee mountains.

Then they sat in an old outhouse.

And Averi Kate ate something.

When we got back to camp, Uncle Bo was feeling pretty good after a 17 mile hike to Rocky Top.

Owen drove Uncle Bo's truck.

We found a mushroom.

And some baby pinecones.

The happy Pickard family picture.

Owen sacked out.

Ice cream is always a happy experience.

I don't know what this is but I pulled it out of Owen's nose.

Playing with play dough...

Claire made an awesome sculpture.

On the way home we stopped at Tallulah Gorge and hiked to the falls.

This picture was very successful.

This is so cute I can't even stand it.

Owen decided he wanted to walk up every single step (there were over 300) all by himself.