Saturday, December 31, 2016


And what would Christmas be if it didn't start with a little motorcycle ride at Dobby's?

Christmas Eve we had a little celebration with Dobby, Pawpaw, Uncle Travis, Aunt Kelley, and MeMaw. And Penny, of course.

AK loves this snowglobe.

Owen tried hard for a long time to blow up this balloon.

More biking...

and playing...

because, of course, it was a warm GA Christmas Eve.

Saying goodbyes...

And off to Nan and Popples we go!

AK really was happy to be there. She just, um, had a moment.

These days were full of basketball.

Popple reading to his girls.

This is AK's favorite book.

And this is her favorite part.

Enjoying Nan and Popple's deck.

Christmas lunch!

Between Venus, Emma, Percy, and Bella, there was always a dog around for AK to play with!

The sweet McLeods...

Jen with her first born. It's hard to believe baby Savannah will be here in just a few short months!

"The Game."

The girls won.

But the boys got over it quickly.

And the girls did not!

Cousin love!!!

As per tradition, AK has to get at least one in with a crazy face!

Uncle Bo gave AK a shrimp pillow for Christmas.

She loved it.

Justice loves to take pictures!

These girls...

The Pickards!!!

And then there are these two.

Popple started to act a little silly when I kept clicking away on my camera...

And that was Christmas!