Saturday, July 1, 2017

Not a Grape.

From the girls...

Me: Yes?
AK: Um...
Me: What is it?
AK: I can't remember.
Me: Ok, just think about it. You can tell me when you remember.
5 minutes later
AK: (comes and sits beside me)
Me: What is it, honey?
AK: I can't remember. Can you tell me? What do you think I would probably say?


Claire: Averi Kate, you're not starving. There are other kids in the world who only get 2 meals a day. You get 3 meals plus snacks. Don't think about what you don't have, think about what you do have. You have 2 very loveable parents, and a great brother and sister, and a house...(etc)"



Me: Owen, you are great.
Owen: I'm not a grape. I'm a man.


Owen (pointing to a picture of a monkey in his book): HAHA! That dog is sitting in a tree! HA! That dog looks like a monkey!!!


Owen (every day, about everything): Is that cool, Mommy?


Owen (to me): You're like a mother.


Owen: What you making, Mommy?
Me: Chicken pot pie.
Owen: Oh. Can I help you? Make chicken butt pie?
Me: Can you help me make what???!!
Owen: Chicken butt pie.
Me: Of course you can! Of course you can help me make chicken butt pie!


Sometimes Owen falls asleep in his floor on a random dog bed that we have (though we don't have a dog.) This is how I found him when I went to get him from his nap the other day.

AK had her Daddy date recently. I told her to go put something pretty on and this is how she came out of her room. She was beautiful and totally rocked this outfit at the restaurant.

Along with the piano and violin, Claire has been learning to play the ukulele!

AK finished up her gymnastics for the year about a month ago. She can do a cartwheel now, and she loves to hang on the bars.

She also loves to pick her little friend Audrey up.

At the library summer reading kickoff party they had some heavy machinery for the kids to climb on.

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